2014 Black Belt Hall of Fame Nominations: Vote Today!

Vote in the 2014-15 Black Belt Hall of Fame!Once again, we’re giving our readers the opportunity to elect their favorite martial artists to the prestigious Black Belt Hall of Fame!

Using this online voting form, you may nominate any individual who deserves recognition for his or her contributions to the martial arts.

You may nominate artists in as many categories as you wish, but remember that (a.) it takes only one vote to nominate a candidate for a particular award and (b.) awards may not be presented in all categories.

We kindly suggest selecting only martial artists who have achieved recognition beyond their immediate schools.

Nominations for the 2014 Hall of Fame categories will be tabulated, and the winners will be those who have received a significant number of nominations in a given category.

In some cases, a martial artist may be nominated even if he or she has been largely overlooked in the readers’ balloting but, in the opinion of Black Belt editorial staff, deserves to be in the running for Hall of Fame membership.

Once votes for the nominees are tallied, a panel composed of Black Belt staff members will make the final selections.

The winners will be announced in Black Belt magazine and on BlackBeltMag.com.


Source: Black Belt Magazine

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